Add hidden content to your videos!

VideoTomb™ hides videos in plain sight for online videos players using steganography.

What users on YouTube/Vimeo/other see:

However, with the secret link:

They're the same video, but with a password/password-image!


To hide video content, you need the VideoTomb encoder for Windows.

What's in store?

  • Support for videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Imgur, more
  • Support for videos with direct link (.mp4, .webm, etc.)
  • Use an image as (front-facing) mask
  • Use noise generated with a hash as mask
  • Generate hyperlinks to share your videos online
  • Choose between more hidden or higher quality
  • Set line orientation (horizontal/vertical)
  • Adjust line width to support different resolutions
  • Mode to add more randomness to avoid decryption/detection
  • Blur mask image to lower bitrate and increase quality
  • Batch processing for entire folders
  • Drag and drop-functionality
  • Encode only portions of the video with timeranges
  • Output mask to 24bit PNG format
  • Preview result locally in your browser
  • Normalize mask to utilize more colorspace
  • Set output bitrate to avoid compression loss
  • Automatically extracts audio for postprocessing
  • Or remove sound if unwanted
  • Encodes to H264 + AAC


  • Are links safe to click?
    Yes, only allows certain curated websites to display content and otherwise only loads video-files inside the video-element and
    masks in the image-element. We are however unable to know what the contents of links contain.
  • Can VideoTomb videos be decrypted?
    We will strive to make videos hard to decrypt by supplying randomization functions. However,
    there are some technical limits due to compression. Our aim is to hide videos from human eyes mainly.
  • What browsers does work with?
    The VideoTomb viewer works with Chrome, Firefox and Opera, on desktop as well as mobile.
    Internet Explorer Edge is supported, however the old Internet Explorer is not supported.
    If an issue presents itself in your browser, please let us know by email and we will work to resolve it.
  • How is privacy with
    VideoTomb does not know what videos you view, as we only host a static HTML viewer with no backend.
    The viewer receives the video-url and decryption mask through the hashtag parameter - which is never submitted to the internet.
    VideoTomb does not use third party scripts, cookies or trackers of any kind. Meta information is not sent to the videohost.
  • Can I hide just a portion of a video?
    Yes, you can choose to hide only specific parts of a video and leave the rest unaltered.
    This way you can for example charge your viewers to unlock hidden messages for your vlog.
  • Can I embed a VideoTomb video?
    Yes, you can embed a video with an iframe as such:
    <iframe width="500" height="400" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen allow="encrypted-media;"></iframe>
  • Will sound support become available?
    No, encrypted audio is not supported due to technical reasons. You can however add unencrypted audio.
  • Can I use this to host pirated content?
    No, content can still easily be identified by its audio and other features. We also do not morally support piracy.


Minimum System requirements

  • 64bit Intel/AMD CPU
  • 4GB RAM (recommended 8GB)
  • Windows 10
  • Internet connection


An Intel Core-i5 encodes 1 minute of video in roughly 1 minute for a 720P@30FPS video.


Kaj Toet

Founder / Software Engineer

Engineer that thinks so far out of the box, the box adopted a cat to fill its emptiness.

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